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el Vie Mayo 11, 2018 9:08 pm
1. I understand that the server is Spanish, but I think that it is necessary to make the possibility of translating the site into English, this will lead to the growth of online. Not everyone can find where to register or download the patch in Spanish Smile
2. I propose to make any events for the sake of entertainment and increase of sellers on the market, for example, such old events as the letters Lineage 2 or Pumpkins
3. I would like to see one more proxy server on your server, like me from Ukraine and I have a ping 140, it's playable yet, but I would not like to see these slowdowns.
This is not only for me, but for all future gaming from central and eastern Europe king
4. Due to low online offer to make a Newbi buff to 40 lvl, which will help people to get to the 2nd profession and do it. Since the group is hard to find, and especially in such difficult situations if you play for support ..
5. One more thing related to low online is consumables.
I understand that the server is designed for low-rate classic, but I propose to make a seller \ NPC who would procure such consumables as: D, C shots and crystals.
Of course, at an overpriced price, people would play and sell these things here were not impaired.

For example, if the craft in giran sells the SSD at 17a, do it in the NPS at 20a(or more high)
So people playing here will not be held hostage
the fact that each player needs his own craft 40 lvl with second proff, that would have a constant supply of shots and crystals for a quiet exping.

that there would be no situation in that a person can not go to exp only because he does not have any shots or crystals to himself. And he is obliged to wait for someone who would sell him or to exp himself a gnome...
I hope u understand me right ^_^

6. As for advertising, it would be good to add the server to some other announcers for voting.
And to make some mini-event for those who play here, to advertise our server in other forums / projects, although it may not be entirely fair, but online is absolutely necessary!

I hope you understand and answer me, or at least with the help of Google translator lol!
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Re: suggestions

el Vie Mayo 11, 2018 9:16 pm
It looks like to us a good idea, our idea is the possible maximum increases the community of L2Globalhispano. The Gm of events were taking charge of every day according to the login of the servant events, bay do special events every 15 days, always seran events that not desvirtuen the essence of our servant who is retail. An offer good looks like to us the power to increase the community to English speech.
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